Working With Social Influencers To Build Your Online Presence

By @TheMarkDalton on Insta!

So you are at that stage where you have been building your presence online over the past number of months. Now you want to tap into influencers and start pulling in their audience too. Working with social influencers to help spread the word of your product is quickly becoming one of the most efficient ways to grow fast online. They already have the audience and the attention, there is the chance for you to grab a slice of the action too.

If what you are selling is good and the message is authentic then a whole new world of opportunity can be opened up for you. Building a relationship with an influencer if they like your product and message can help down the line to maintain that connection and grow with further new products and developments in your business. So how should you go about it? What do you do and what should you not do?

1. Give influencers creative control

Business owners can struggle with this one sometimes, as an owner you want to control everything you can. Influencers have not built up large audiences by accident, they haven’t just stumbled on success – they have worked for it and they have the talent too. They know their audience better than anyone, they know what the audience wants and expects. Allow them to have creative licence to do what they know works and what they fell is best and they will build your brand authentically. Feel free to make suggestions but don’t be surprised or offended if they say no.

2. Connect with the right influencers for your business

Influencer marketing is not about just throwing your emails out there, spamming on social networks and hoping anyone with interest responds. Look at influencers and their audience, that audience is ideally a market you are targeting. If the audience doesn’t fit what you are looking for then move on to someone else and connect with them. Make sure you are targeting those influencers who may enjoy and benefit from your product, if they love what you are doing they are going to be more enthusiastic about sharing that with their followers. In return you will get top quality content back from them.

3. Understand that influencers don’t need you – be respectful when approaching them

Don’t approach an influencer and try to open the dialogue by pumping yourself and your product up. Remember, you are trying to tap into their audience. Influencers don’t need you and most influencers will turn business away if they don’t like the product or don’t believe your business aligns with their values. By the same token, while influencers don’t need you there is a chance to create a mutually beneficial deal for both parties. Don’t offer up exposure, many influencers will turn and walk away pretty fast if you do that, remember they are giving you the exposure here. Offer them some product for free or even more of a crazy idea – offer to pay them money.

4. Sponsor influencer content

Offer to become a sponsor for content such as podcasts or YouTube channels. When you become a sponsor of that content you can give the influencer some pre-prepared lines to read at the start, or even better yet – allow them to come up with the opening themselves for added authenticity.

5. Respect influencer judgement 

Influencers became influencers because people listen to them, because they got something right in what they are doing and thus built online brand and presence. They got it right, listen to them and respect their judgement. If they tell you something is not a good idea then it is more than likely not a good idea. Give influencers the tools they need as well as the resources to give you the best return for your brand. Don’t make crazy and unrealistic goal demands, remember they are there for your business and if you start asking for the sun, moon and stars then they will walk away.


Connecting with influencers to market your product and help build your businesses online presence is a great tactic if you go about it the right way. You need to approach influencers with care and always remember that you are going to them to ask for their help, not the other way around. Influencers on social don’t need to work with you and if you take the wrong approach then the chances are they probably won’t work with you so be polite and respectful. Make sure you set goals and targets that can be achieved and don’t get involved in the creative element, that is what they are good at. So give them the creative licence to do it.