An Update! Social Media & Photography News

By @TheMarkDalton

Hello everyone reading this! Today I’m throwing out an update around this site, what life has been like going back to freelancing so far as well as new services I’m offering and what is going to be happening with the content on this blog. 

This blog

So first off let me start by saying a big thank you to all you lovely people who read my post and a bigger thank you to those who share regularly on social media. Seriously, it really does mean a lot to me and I’m glad that my content resonates. An even bigger thank you to people who reach out personally to me, old friends and new friends who hit up my email inbox or DM’s to say how my content is on point and to wish me success, thank you!

I started blogging specifically about social media and digital marketing over three years ago and the industry has changed quite a bit since then. New platforms, new strategies and business owners getting more savvy around their online efforts. These blog posts have served a purpose of trying to help people gain traction on their social media profiles be it in business or personal use.

Whether you wanted help with your Twitter account, you wanted to grow your Instagram or you wanted to learn about Snapchat. I didn’t sell a course, I didn’t package it up and try to flip it in an ebook, I didn’t run seminars around that content to make a buck. I gave it to you for free and I’m glad so many people have appreciated the effort.

This blog opened doors

The move to blog around social media and marketing also landed me an opportunity to create content on Irish Tech News, an opportunity I will be forever grateful for. For the most part it was smooth sailing and I had a lot of fun working for them.

I did have plans to return in a loose role because I enjoyed it but ultimately I felt my content wasn’t a neat fit, I felt they had moved in a new direction and I’m super excited to see how they continue to grow. They are a phenomenal website, a great team of people and it was my work on this blog that got me there. Big big thank you to John and his team for trusting me at the time.

Maybe my new upcoming content could be a better fit, hey if it is guys then let me know! 🙂

New content you say?

Yep! Not on this website either!

For the last number of years I have been building up my content on this blog. I’m not going anywhere, there will still be blog posts so no need to worry about that. However I am changing my approach to this blog, something I have done in the past as the demand dictates.

I have gone from doing one post per day up to two posts per day and then down to two posts per week. From next week I will be going to one post per week. The idea being that the blog post will go up on Monday and will be a high quality long form post around a marketing or social media topic.

I plan on creating more new blog content over on my other website :

Naturally this will be photography related content of course talking about platforms for photographers, photography for business, photography as a hobby and much much more.

For the past number of years I have been sharing what I have learnt around social media and now I want to do the same around photography, but why?

A shift in business

Over the course of 2017 I have noticed the requests in what people are looking from me and my services have shifted from social media services to either blogging or photography.

People want help creating their content. I have the blogging down and at the start of 2017 I started taking my photography very seriously. I doubled down on my Instagram, I started sharing photos consistently on Facebook and I joined the Pexels programme.

More importantly I set up a dedicated site for my photography and I started taking some jobs. For those who are unaware, I have been taking photographs for the last 10 years now since I moved to London. I started out as a hobbyist and evolved my skill set to where I am now.

There is always a lot more to learn but with so many people telling me how talented I am for the past number of years I finally decided to start offering my skills as a service.

I primarily focus on shooting landscapes, cities, travel, events and business products at the moment. I’m also starting to dabble in portrait photography though this is not on offer as a service yet. You can find out the full details of what I offer and how to get in touch below.

Make a booking and find out more here!

Scaling the social media posts back to one a week here makes sense as it allows me to free up the time needed for photography content but it also makes sense from the standpoint that business owners and becoming more online savvy.

There are less requests for social media babysitters and I’m happy to see that. I have always maintained that you should be the one at the beating pulse of your business social media accounts, not someone else responding on your behalf. You know your business best and you can look after people much faster than a third party.

Thankfully I am getting less of these requests and more requests around creating content for websites and social media. A lot of the social media account requests are now falling into more consultancy which isn’t always stable in terms of payment. Some people may only want one consultancy meeting before they go do their thing. So, what are some of the new services you can grab me for?

The new services on offer

Like I have said, the blog here remains of course but the volume of posts here changes to allow for the volume of posts on my photography site to go up. You can also buy prints which are available on request, shoot me an email if you see some of my work online that you would like to purchase.

You can make a booking and the link for that is provided above in this post. Finally you can hopefully enjoy and learn about photography through new blog posts. To keep up to date with the latest photography work I’m running simply follow my Instagram.

Thank you so much for the support again, very excited to begin this new chapter in the journey.