Two Blog Posts Per Day, Weekly Recap Plus Instagram And Snapchat

Big news from the office to end this week! As I am sure many of you know by now I recently undertook a very difficult decision to leave Irish Tech News, one of the largest tech blogs in Ireland so that I could concentrate 100% on putting Mark Dalton Media content first and giving complete priority to that content. 

Scaling the content

That was the right decision for me, it allows me to focus as well as really build and branch out my content. With me stepping down from ITN, it only makes sense that I escalate my own content rapidly now that I have the scope and focus to do so.

Up to now there has been one blog post per day, the reason for that is because a lot of work goes into those posts. I always want to bring you value and every blog post I published is done with that intention from opinions to advice, reviews and more. I want to give you the chance to take something away with you that you can use in a practical setting, be it personal or business.

Earlier in the year I also went in hard on Snapchat and that has been going great. Some of you may have noticed I have been a bit absent from Snapchat for the past two weeks or so, just posting snaps here and there. The reason for that is because Instagram stories came along and I have been figuring out how I want to do both. Now I have finally got that strategy figured out I will be back more consistently on Snapchat quite soon but hopefully with different content.

Blog posts

So as mentioned above there has been one blog post per day. I am now moving that to two blog posts per day and as always the goal is to provide value. One blog post will be general technology based, be it opinion or review. The second blog post will be social media, digital marketing and business based.

That change will be coming into effect the week after next, so the week starting Monday 26th September. For next week there will be one blog post per day as per usual before moving to two posts. The two daily posts will run Monday – Thursday which gives you 8 pieces of blog content per week up from the current 4 pieces per week.

On Friday there will be a recap of the week, a roundup piece which will provide links and a short description to each blog post that has gone up in that week.


Up to now I have been using Snapchat as a marketing tool for the blog and there has been awesome feedback. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and I have no intention of leaving Snapchat. I am loving using Snapchat and I think it is and will continue to be a valuable tool for marketers to have in their arsenal. However I am changing the approach.

Snapchat will now be more personal and just casual. The way I feel it was meant to be, while I enjoy talking about the blog posts through Snapchat I feel that it us just a bit formal for the platform. There will still be links going back to the blog but it will be more like 2-3 snaps as a reminder to check out the blog as opposed to 10 snaps talking about the blog. I may randomly drop some of my own knowledge bombs into Snapchat from time to time.

You can follow me on Snapchat if you want of course: themarkdalton


You may have seen recently that Mark Dalton Media is now on Instagram!

We are new on Instagram so head on over and hit that follow button! We have been enjoying it so far and the organic reach has been awesome. I have long said and felt that Instagram is like the museum, the place for that perfect shot. Instagram stories, while it is completely ripped straight from the Snapchat playbook, is a perfect compliment to the main feed.

I feel that the current style of stories on Snapchat we have had to date will fit a lot better on Instagram and with awesome organic reach and Explore tabs, it just makes sense.

So that is what we are going to do, there will be a story on Instagram daily talking about the blog posts. The aim will be to keep it brief and to the point, we are pumped about these changes and feel a more clear defined strategy is now in place which will benefit everybody.

I notice brands moving from Snapchat in the past number of weeks and not having the stones to address why they have made such a decision. They make excuses about Snapchat filters not fitting their code of conduct in their business or they cite experimentation. However I am going to tell you straight up.

Organic reach and finding new users on Instagram is simply better. Instagram may have ripped off Snapchat but I feel that in the long run they will do a better job at stories than Snapchat has managed so far.

A final brief note on ITN

I can’t wait to put these changes into action and they will all be taking place in the week starting Monday 26th September. However, there is one more thing I want to address as I have been asked about it in the past week by several people and I feel that this is as good a forum to address it as any.

A small number of people have asked me if I would recommend writing for a large website such as ITN for the exposure you can gain from it.

The simple answer is yes. If it wasn’t not worth all the hard work then I would have left a long time ago. I know that the whole working for exposure is a taboo topic and I have written about it before myself. I keep telling people that I don’t work for free but the correct exposure is opportunity and only you can determine what is the right exposure or not.

For me it was a fantastic experience and if you get approached to do something similar and your gut says it feels good then I say go for it!

This is the last time I will address ITN publicly on the blog, I left because I reached a point where I felt it was no longer beneficial to my business and website to have the exact same content appearing in more than one place. My plans are to return to ITN as a regular contributor at some point, probably something I will start looking at next year. Right now, all my focus needs to be here.


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