Twitter Starts Adding QR Codes To Their App

By @TheMarkDalton

Snapchat seems to be the place to go if you want to steal a good idea at the moment, as Picasso once said – “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” That was of course famously quoted at a later stage by Steve Jobs.

The latest form of inspiration comes to Twitter in the form of QR codes which are designed to make it easier to follow new profiles and of course an idea which has been directly lifted from Snapchat.

However the reasoning behind QR codes is somewhat strange on Twitter. The main reason why such a move has to be questioned is because adding people on Twitter is not a hard thing to do. Twitter’s problems are not finding new users to follow, Twitter’s problems run much deeper and we have been looking at that in depth the past number of weeks.

Just because a QR code works well on one platform it does not mean it will work well on another platform. QR codes are a popular way to add people on Snapchat and an unpopular way to add friends on Facebook Messenger.

It is hard to tell if Twitter’s QR codes will be popular or not, they could have use if you add them to the bottom of blog posts or sharing the QR code on other social platforms for users to scan in their own Twitter app. The potential is there but there is no guarantee that it will be a popular method of getting new followers on the platform.

To create your QR code go to your profile in the mobile app, click on the gear icon and then click on the new QR code option if it is there for you (not all users have access to the new QR codes just yet). From here you can share to other social platforms or even save the QR code and print if off on business cards or as stickers.

There is also a QR reader built in to the Twitter app which allows you to scan other users QR codes and add them on Twitter. It is an interesting addition, not one which will change the fortunes of the company but one which could benefit the users on the platform which is always a good thing.

If you don’t see the QR code option in your settings just yet then don’t panic, it is coming.

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