Is Twitter Going To Relegate The Moments Tab Already?

By @TheMarkDalton

Just recently Twitter rolled out their Moments feature in Ireland. It is only available in a handful of countries right now but it seems that Twitter is already testing out a new look which could potentially relegate the Moments tab from the main screen.

It would be a big change for Twitter as Moments has been the big feature under Jack Dorsey. It was billed as the tool which would allow users to digest content on Twitter quickly, get up to speed with the details they need to know and now have to fall victim to Twitter’s noise problem.

It was a tool that people thought could help attract new users to the platform but it has not had the return they would have hoped for. Moments has not brought new users in and Twitter is now testing a new tab in its place called Explore.


Introduced las October, Moments is Twitter’s take on storytelling with each Moment curated around a specific topic. Up to recently curation of Twitter Moments has been carried out by a select team however the feature has now been rolled out so that all users can start creating their own Moments.

Moments will still exist on the platform of course but they will be removed from being part of the forefront of the app and will be buried back into the explore tab. The new explore tab is also said to contain trending topics and other popular search terms.

Right now the change is being tested with a small subset of users so it may never be a change that goes public. It is very much a case of Twitter experimenting with the layout however the fact that they are even considering a move like this is significant.

It is also a move which makes sense. There is no true way of knowing how many people were actually using the Moments tab but if feedback has been anything to go by it has been generally ignored by most (myself included). Once you have explored it the first time then the novelty wears off and you tend to leave it alone after that.

The ability to create Moments is definitely something I am digging and I think that is a big positive move from Twitter. If they were to roll Moments into an Explore tab then it is a tab that people would be more inclined to use. Once they head into Explore they will see Moments featured at the top and something could catch their eye.

It could ultimately be a change which helps featured Moments gain more traction than they probably are right now. It makes sense as it would be a natural combination of trending topics and trending Moments allowing users to catch up and easily see what is going on across the platform right now.

The combination of the two could also help users to catch up on what is happening faster than Moments managed to do alone. Of course we have to wait and see if the change comes to pass for the public but personally I am hoping it is a change we see in the near future.