My Top Three Social Media Tools

By @TheMarkDalton

Social media has advanced so much to the point where we have countless tools to track what is happening on our networks and our profiles. I know people who use countless numbers of tools to keep up with the game, never mind just get ahead of the game.

Tools have become an essential part of the job, lets blow this little myth right out of the water here and now – using tools to automate and promote or create does not take away from authenticity as long as you use them in the right way. Anyone who tells you that their marketing is more authentic because they don’t use tools are talking out of their backside.

In fact, people who are trying to market and use no tools at all on social media are being counter productive in their time and their efforts. Organic reach now hits a limit, on some platforms you can get good organic reach still – Instagram and on other platforms, organic reach is pretty much dead – Twitter and Facebook.

I will have a post up in the coming weeks talking about the topic of organic reach and growing using a tool called Social Quant so keep an eye out for that, but in the meantime lets have a look at three tools I use daily as part of my social media marketing that I couldn’t work without.


There are a number of options for automating your social sharing and for me, Buffer is the best choice. I have moved back and forth between a number of services but I keep coming back to Buffer. I love their app and the ease of use, I also love that they can calculate the peak times for you to schedule posts based on different networks.

I use Buffer each night before I go to bed, it is the last thing I do in the day and I schedule all the content that is to go out for the following day. I only load one day in advance and wouldn’t recommend you go any further than that. Given how the market and news changes rapidly each day it is best not to load up a full week and then ignore it until the following Sunday night. You don’t want automated tweets going out if terrible news breaks on social media.

Lets say a horrific terrorist incident occurs and everyone is talking about it on social, you want to be on point to hit the axe and stop your automated content straight away. It doesn’t reflect well if you are sharing blog content while something horrific is taking place and being played out on social in real time.

Buffer also has built in analytics to help you understand what posts are working well and which ones are not working well. A powerful social sharing tool and use it in the right way means you can keep your authenticity and share like a pro.


Canva is a tool which allows you to create beautiful images for content you are sharing on social networks. A big tool if you like to create unique photos when sharing content to Instagram or motivational quotes to Instagram.

You can create images for all types of content on all different networks. You can design from a blank template or you can edit one of the many preloaded templates that they have on their site. It is really easy to do and looks incredibly professional.

Canva have also made big strides with their app over the past year and it has become more powerful than ever before. Now you can create fantastic looking images on your Android or iPhone and share them from the app to your network of choice.

A big step forward with mobile growing and growing each month and becoming the primary way we browse online. Being able to create these images on an iPhone instead of having to sit at your desk is a big positive step and I’m looking forward to seeing the product grow and develop in the future.

With visual content being so important on social media, you need to stand out from the rest and Canva will help you to do that.


Feedly is a great tool to use when you want to find and share great content with your audience. You can use RSS feeds to subscribe to your favourite websites as well as following topics of interest.

I use Feedly to pull in content that we share on our Twitter accounts from other sources, sharing other people’s content is just as important as sharing your own as well as looking at what topics are trending online each day.

When you know what is trending online through Feedly you can find inspiration on what content you want to create for your own platform. Fantastic tool to help you find and share content quickly as well as finding inspiration and ideas for your content.

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