To Everyone Who Has Read And Shared Over The Past Number Of Years – Thank You

By @TheMarkDalton

This is the last social media/marketing post I am going to write on this blog. Hopefully by now most people will have had a chance to read one of my latest posts  – A New Venture Begins

Basically, after working on social media content for the past 4-5 years and working on my photography as an amateur for the past 10 years I have now decided to follow what I am really passionate about and to go all in on photography.

Some will know that I have been taking my photography much more seriously over the past year and a half now and have shifted it to a more professional setting and standard.

So why have I decided to leave the social media game and would I return to it at a later date? What will happen to this blog?

It is not because of business

I had a small but tight set of clients, I was able to work through social media to help supplement my current income. I never went full time because while that was the vision at the start – I decided it wasn’t the right move for me. It has been a lot of fun working in this industry of the past number of years, I have met all kinds of people. Some great people, some people I thought were great and turned out to be arseholes and some people who are just straight up arseholes.

It is an industry I no longer enjoy working in

I’m not going to go on this point for long because I don’t want to upset people, however the industry for a large part is so fake its insane. There is a small number of genuine people I have met in person or online in the social industry who are genuine but for the most part people are fake as fuck and are trying to sell services without knowing anything about what they are doing. They are trying to tell people they can build their business without ever building any kind of business before. They want to run the industry before ever working in it, and this is a large scale problem too. I begged people at the start to give me access to their social accounts so I could try to do something, scrap the arrogance and start learning before shouting about how much of an influencer you are with only a few thousand followers. I’m no social influencer, I have small personal accounts but I laugh when I see someone with 10k followers bragging about how they made a social influencer list and they follow like 8k accounts.

What happened to the idea of one blog post per week?

Originally I was going to scale this back to one post per week but I have been reflecting on that over the past number of days and have decided to shut this blog completely. Not an easy decision, this has been the most successful blog I have run to date and I have learned so much. However it makes no sense for me to keep one toe in the water here, I want to go all in on photography and focus on that aspect alone – nothing else.

My 30th year is a year of change

Some people start shitting themselves at 30, I hit that age in July and I’m excited because after a rough last five years following my brothers death – for me life is starting at 30. This year is full of change, this is when I start doing things for myself instead of doing things for others all the time. I feel I have finally earned the right to be a little bit selfish.

Change from that tattoo I always wanted (hopefully happening soon) to going all in on photography and finally knocking off the weight to regain control of my life over the next year, I feel it all ahead of me and while it is hard to close this blog off and to close my social media services off – it also feels so right.

Big thank you to everyone over the past number of years

Seriously, thank you to everyone who has read, shared and given me feedback over the past number of years. Thank you to the people who were kind enough to give me a shot and let me show what I could do.

Finally a big thanks to John and the Irish Tech News team for giving me a shot to create blog content to a large audience at scale and gain incredible exposure. Working with that team helped me to grow out the network I have online today.

What happens to this blog now?

Quite simply, all these posts will be migrated to Medium over the next number of months and this website will be closed in January 2018.

Of course I’m still around on social and blogging now over on –