Storytelling For Business, Twitter Harassment, iPhone Anniversary And Working With Social Influencers

By @TheMarkDalton on Insta!

It is our first weekly roundup of the new year. A small change to the weekly roundups we have been running in the last couple of months is that we will no longer be creating Twitter moments around them. Previously we created a Twitter moment and shared it alongside the roundup article however we have found that there has been little to no return in doing this so we have decided to stop.

This week we looked at how to build brand using Snapchat and Instagram stories which is something we have looked at consistently over the past year. We also tackled Twitter’s problems again and it will be the last time I write an article around that topic for at least the foreseeable future because I have said pretty much everything I want to say on it by now.

We also looked at the iPhone’s 10th anniversary as well as how your business can approach and work with a social influencer effectively. Finally we looked at Facebook and the live beast it has created, we also looked at how Facebook are going to try and take on YouTube and then rounded off the week looking at Instagram shopping which is no doubt going to be a big part of the platform in the near future.

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