Stop Worrying About People Stealing Your Ideas

By @TheMarkDalton

When I was younger I used to obsess about people stealing my ideas. How would I keep my idea safe? How can I tell someone my idea and be sure they are not going to run off with it? What action should I take if I see someone steal my idea and try to profit from it? Then, in my mid twenties I stopped worrying about who might steal my idea because I realised that ideas mean nothing, literally mean nothing.

We get dozens of ideas every constantly, they are an abundant commodity and we all have them. Ideas about how to make money on the side, business ideas, personal ideas and so on. We are creative people, you may not think you are creative but when you have an idea of any kind then that is your creative side kicking in.

Many people who have ideas which they want to put into practice tend to run into the same problem over time – jealousy and paranoia that someone is going to steal their idea and make lots of money off it. Here is why you shouldn’t worry about that happening.

Ideas are shit.

One of my favourite Gary Vee sayings – “Ideas are shit, executions the game.”

What really matters about your idea is not the thought process, but the sweat and hard work that goes into executing it and making it happen – that’s the important part. We all get ideas, every single person on the planet gets ideas, so what idea do you have that you think is completely original?

The answer is none. Every time you get an idea I can promise you that someone, somewhere in the word has had the same idea and is possible already trying to execute it. Ideas are about 1% of the final success, what makes the idea work is the executioner. You could have the best idea of all time (which is still not an original one) but if you suck at the execution or you can’t get someone else to help you execute it then it will never go anywhere.

Stop being afraid about telling other people.

When people get an idea we feel the need to protect it and tell as few people as possible. Once you get your head around the fact that it is being an executioner which is the important thing then you no longer need to fear telling other people about it.

When you do when you tell others about it is you foster the development of new ideas. People will share ideas with you and give you a new perspective and some much needed feedback about whether your idea is as good as you think it is. When we get an idea we tend to think it is the greatest idea ever because we have come up with it, so it is important to get an outside view on what others think.

Remember, the idea is not going to form the basis of your career. Success is a culmination of the little things and the hustle. So go out there and work hard on your idea and good things will happen.

What if I see someone else executing my idea?

Success is all in the execution of an idea. If you see someone running with an idea you had then go out there and execute it better. Don’t whine about it, don’t cry about it. Go out and execute it so that you blow them away and do it better than they were doing it themselves.

That is how you win. The harsh reality is that if someone takes an idea and executes it better than you, then you deserve to lose. Remember – ideas are shit, executions the game. Whatever idea you are thinking of either this morning or at some point in the future, it is not an original one.