Why I Started The Blog And Where Is It Going Next?

By @TheMarkDalton

For the past 3-4 years now much of the content I have created online has pivoted around blogging. Social media and marketing as well as business has been a topic I have centrally focused on and in particular over the past year I have enjoyed it immensely as there has been more feedback than ever before.

Now the blog is not going anywhere but I have big changes planned for it taking effect immediately. I spoke about some changes recently when I moved to 3 posts per week and that I was considering twice per week. After taking time to think about the best way forward I have decided to cut loose and go back to a minimum of one post per week and a maximum of three.

The whole idea of the blog was to help build presence, profile and establish my skills and knowledge around the industry and that is why I spent the best part of the year churning out daily posts.

The blog is still very important to me and that is why it won’t be cut off at the moment and there are no plans to do so but I am taking this chance to strip it right back to focus on other projects. I want to keep powering forward with In The Red Zone and get Bite My Kitchen off the ground as well as expand my photography portfolio rapidly and start working on some film making projects on YouTube and getting a kickass email campaign going which provides value through our content and curated content.

The ideal move will see two blog posts per week, one an original piece of content and the other will be a roundup of industry news. The blog is not being scaled back because I want more free time, far from it. I am going to be busier than ever and I am scaling back because I want to dedicate the necessary time to other projects which are going to need the time and commitment. Cutting back to two still leaves us well within the industry average of blog content on agency sites.

The plan was never to give it all away for free on the blog and it is important to maintain value for the paying clients too. Thanks for the support as ever, if you haven’t noticed recently I have been ramping up my Insta game and from next week will have a new Insta strategy in place which is going to see a lot of new content rolling out there – @themarkdalton.