Signing Off For 2016!

With another week coming to a close and Christmas edging nearer and nearer, it is now time for me to sign off the blog for 2016. Time for a well earned rest and a much needed break before hitting 2017 hard. This year has been a grind, difficult decisions made but when I look back I am happy with every single one of them.

I launched back in March with a temporary layout because I wanted to get off the ground running fast and in August I stripped it back and implemented a design that I wanted, one that I am very happy with. The blog has been a success and the content on Instagram and Snapchat continues to grow.

Thank you to everyone for the encouragement and support over the past number of months. Not every day has been easy, that is a part of business but I have none the less had that pumped up motivation be it naturally when I wake up or forcing myself into that mode.

As I said, not every decision has been easy. Too big ones stand out for me this year, early in the summer I made the decision to walk away from what would have been a very lucrative client deal as I felt that interference from the company owners as well as previous mistakes they had made in the industry could end up being a limiting factor in my own execution. Also, advice from others at the time lead to me walking away from that deal. I was nervous of that choice at the time, nervous of potentially being wrong and blowing a big deal.

Sometimes saying no is as important as saying yes in business and I went with my gut, when I look at how that business is executing on social this morning and in their content – I know I 100% made the right choice because I can see those problems plain as day at the moment through their execution and I know that is a call I got right.

Another difficult decision was leaving Irish Tech News, I loved my experience there and I loved the audience I could reach but after debating it with myself and seeking advice over the course of several weeks I decided that the best value for me would be to have my content in one place on my own website.

It was another hard decision, one that I feared I would get wrong at the time but I feel that it has worked out well and I may look to return as a guest contributor from time to time on Irish Tech News in the New Year if they still want me 😉

Again, thank you everyone. I can’t express that enough. While the blog finishes today for the holidays you can catch me on social all over the Christmas in the usual places and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.