Scaling Back Blog Posts To Three Per Week

By @TheMarkDalton

So this will be unexpected for many people, scaling back on content. Why? Would I not push forward with more content? At one point we were at two articles per day, then back to one and now there will only be a few per week? How does this make sense?

Okay so let me explain, when I first launched Mark Dalton Media a year ago the plan was always to do this, right from the start. Churn out content in a big volume for the first year and then scale it back. When I talk about scaling back content I am talking exclusively about long form blog content so the Instagram and Twitter content is going nowhere.

With the first year almost up and the next project about to launch, the timing for this is perfect. As well as that, it makes no sense for us as an agency to give absolutely everything we have in terms of knowledge and experience away for absolutely nothing. If we do that then why would people need us at all? I have to keep some cards close to my chest and dialling the blog back in is the right move to make.

You see other influencers in the social space with blogs such as Peg Fitzpatrick and Gary Vee who don’t update daily because there is no need to. Quality over quantity takes precedent now and by doing this I ensure that the quality is kept high, it is manageable and done the right way.

“Why not get someone in to help write for the exposure?” – I don’t get people to write for me unless I am willing to pay them, simple as that. I don’t believe in selling exposure to people, I believe that is a frauds game. So from next week on there will be three blog posts per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In other news we have a new site launching next week as part of the Mark Dalton Media network which is called – In The Red Zone – and will bring news from around the NFL. This is a sport I am extremely passionate about and I am really excited to launch this new project which will no doubt take up quite a bit of time but will be well worth it, more news on that with an official launch post coming later today.

Thanks for your support as always.