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Technologi Tab was launched early in 2014 and was the first blog owned by Mark to start generating success and catch the attention of industry colleagues and readers. Even though Mark had created blogs through his teenage years, this was the first one which took off as a business idea. It wasn’t quite the right mix and the site was eventually closed but it was the first steps in the right direction to getting noticed.

Content was free flowing and a small reader base was established in the early days of Technologi Tab. For the first time, money was being invested from a business standpoint in the website project and hosting was moved to paid servers while the designs were also paid for.

It didn’t take long to realise that the real passion was not for creating content around technology but around marketing, business and branding. Social media and Digital Marketing is Mark’s true passion and as a result the website was eventually stripped back and rebranded just a few months after launch. A risky decision at the time but it paved the way for greater things to come.



echnologi Tab was the first steps of getting noticed, readers began reaching out on social media with feedback and comments. The website was set up with the intention of covering all kinds of technology from gaming to computers, software and hardware. The challenge that was faced at the time was immense as we entered a market that was saturated with blogs and websites at the time and continues to be saturated with new sites every day.

In order to stand out from the rest, the design was changed several times as Mark sought to find the right balance of good looking content as well as content that people wanted to consume. The challenge of writing about all kinds of tech was a big one but soon it became clear that the real passion was not about tech. Instead, Mark wanted to create content around digital marketing and social media for business which would lead to a new site being formed.

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