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Paula Byrne & Associates is a financial accountancy company operating out of Dublin, Ireland. Prior to working with Mark Dalton Media, Paula had known she needed an online presence but unfortunately paid over the odds for the work that was done. What she was left with was a basic default theme site on WordPress with one or two lines of content on each page.

Paula wanted to re-design the website and bring it up to a modern and professional look. She wanted to be able to show off the websites to current clients and potential new clients. Working with a turnaround time of 2-3 days and the WordPress CMS, we were able to put in place a website that she could boast about and use to get the attention of new business.

The project also involved sourcing a new logo for the website which could be used also on business cards and on letterheads. The project was completed and the website handed back to the client in three days.



or this project, the detail was to create a website from scratch. After discovering what Paula had been given by the previous designer we decided to ditch the entire setup and go back to the very start of the process. We worked with Paula to find out what details she wanted on her website, what kind of content she was looking for on the site and how she wanted it to be displayed. We streamlined the sections from the previous website and condensed the information down so it was less overwhelming. 

There was no social media strategy for this project as the client only wanted a website at the current time. Contact information was displayed throughout in prominent areas as one of Paula’s desires was for visitors never needing to turn far to find contact info and get in touch. Testimonials were also key and the business had a big input on how they wanted them presented and displayed on the site.

Build A Website
Source A Logo
Contact Info Easy To Find
  • Build Website
  • Source A Logo
  • Source High Quality Images
  • Work With Client To Optimise Layout
  • Condense Content

The logo is the sites identity and clients want their logos to speak for themselves. Working closely with Paula we were able to narrow down what she was looking for efficiently.