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In The Red Zone is the latest blog which is part of the Mark Dalton Media network and is owned and run by Mark Dalton Media. The website offers up to date news from around the NFL as well as insights to the biggest stories taking place across the league.

Mark had the idea to start an NFL based website two years ago after he had fallen in love with the sport. A big Pats fan but also a fan who watches any game he can get his eyes on, he decided to start studying up on the finer details such as drafts, trades and the combine. That shift from passive spectator to someone who wanted to have in depth knowledge of the sport was necessary if he was to be in a position to launch a site around the topic.

After spending two years working up the knowledge and tiny details of the game, the decision was made to launch the site after the 2016 NFL season once the Super Bowl had ended. That would give it the chance to develop in the quiet months of the offseason and develop before the new season.



n The Red Zone is a different style of website from what we have typically created. Many clients are in the game looking for a static page layout to use as a landing page and then many will have blog content on that site located elsewhere. However, In The Red Zone is a news based website so there is no requirement for a static page. Thus the homepage is a constant updating stream of the latest stories and news.

The site uses a magazine style layout and takes advantage of a continuous scrolling feature when moving from article to article. It has been popular since launch with good retention, low bounce rate and good reader numbers. The visitors to the site have exceeded expectations so far when it comes to volume and we will be hoping for In The Red Zone to continue to grow towards the new NFL season.

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