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Barbara Kirk
Website Design, Social Strategy
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Heart And Home is a shop based in Enniskerry which showcases the Handmade For U plaque range. This is a range of handwritten and personally designed wooden plaques that people can hang up and use as decorations around their home and is run by Barbara Kirk. Barbara also trades out of Marley Park Market every Saturday and her plaques have become a much wanted product in the local area over the past year.

The store is run by Barbara Kirk who was Mark’s very first client and the business only had a Facebook Page with no other online presence before they started working with Mark Dalton Media. They had no website and no other social media outlets and were selling locally from the store to residents and visiting tourists.

The project involved building a website as well as enhancing social media strategy though Twitter and Instagram as additional platforms. The website has been running for over a year now and has opened up the market to new areas as orders have been arriving from the United States, Germany and more.



andmade for U was the first Mark Dalton Media client and is a client who we maintain that close working relationship with today. Before they started working with us there was no website, no social presence except for a Facebook Page and sales were local to residents and visiting tourists. The challenge was to implement a social strategy and establish a website which visitors could order from online.

A website with a basic ordering system as well as a social strategy were established for the business. Combined with online promotion and local promotion, the website now takes orders not just from residents in Ireland but also the UK, United States, Germany and more. A paid media strategy for Facebook ad targeting was also established for the business and remains in place today which has been a great source of new customers.

Establish Website
Online Ordering System
Social Media Strategy
  • Website Setup
  • Social Media Strategy (organic)
  • Social Media Strategy (paid)
  • Promotion
  • Online Store
  • Online Gallery

The biggest challenge here was setting up a website that incorporated a basic online store ordering system that the client and the customer could use. With some adjustments as we learned along the way, the website takes orders now every week.