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www.sixtysecondsocial.net (now offline)

60 Second Social was born from the rebranding of Technologi Tab and was a blog dedicated to creating content specifically focused around digital marketing and social media. The blog covered news from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms as well as articles with advice and tips for businesses around deploying their strategies on social media.

60 Second Social was online from early 2014 to the end of 2015 and was a great success. It was the blog that helped Mark get noticed by the team at Irish Tech News. Subsequently he was offered to create content for Irish Tech News in November 2014. It was a position he held for two years until November 2016.

At the end of 2015 Mark took the difficult decision of closing 60 Second Social. Despite good ground gained in traffic and readers, there was a distance present when it came to trying to launch a client based service. Mounting work loads had also taken a toll and it was necessary to take a step back. Mark worked solely on Irish Tech News for a number of months before he felt the itch returning and then decided to launch a client based service around his personal brand – Mark Dalton Media.



aunching in 2014, 60 second social was the platform which was used to create blog based content around the topic of digital marketing and social media for business. Blog posts tackled topics such as how to build a brand, how to use Instagram in your restaurant and how to reach new customers as well as driving sales. Traffic to the site was on the up from Technologi Tab now that a niche was being focused on instead of broader topics. 

The biggest success of the site at the time was that it got picked up by the Irish Tech News team. Given that the site was only online for a number of months it was a big achievement and one to be proud of. For the following period of time, content was created in parallel on ITN and 60 second social which opened the doors for a host of new readers to the website. 

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