Periscope Adds VIP Program For High Profile Live Streamers

By @TheMarkDalton

Live streaming is piping hot in social media, both Periscope and Facebook Live are battling over live streaming and looking to win over the audience. Periscope now wants to improve their relationship with high profile broadcasters and offer rewards based on metrics.

One of the struggles that live streaming platforms are facing is quality content. Live streaming is available to all users but just because everyone can broadcast themselves live, doesn’t mean they should.

Periscope’s VIP programme is an interesting one as it aims to motivate popular broadcasters to stream more often in the hope that it will improve the ratio of quality content to poor quality content.

Users can apply to become part of the VIP program, if you are successful you will get a nice shiny new badge on your Periscope profile. There are three parts of the tier – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

To qualify for each you need to have achieved a number of metrics. So for the minimum VIP level (Bronze) you need to have at least 10k followers and an average of 200+ total love viewers per broadcast, you also need to broadcast twice per week.

Below you can see a breakdown of the three tiers which is taken from the Periscope website.




As you can see there are a number of benefits on offer such as early access to new features, a slack channel with other VIPs, care packages and even a chance to collaborate with the Periscope team on the Gold level.

The benefits are okay but will they be benefits that VIP users will be happy with and should aspire to? I mean have a look at the bronze tier, I mean if you have 10,000+ followers on Periscope then chances are you look on point when broadcasting, people are finding you easily and you already know how to create great broadcasts.

In the silver tier you get prioritised support which is classed as a result within 12 hours, an inside look into what Periscope is up to and a slack channel with VIPs. Not bad but not exactly wonderful, I mean would you be missing out on something here?

Up to gold and the only difference between that and previous tiers is elevated access with the Periscope team. However it is a big thing to have none the less for the really big broadcasters. Being directly connected to the Periscope team can give you the chance to influence decisions based on how you think the platform and product could and should progress.

With the rise of Facebook Live it is clear that Twitter, who owns Periscope, wants to try and hold on to their high profile streamers and reinvigorate the platform with quality content.

Twitter has struggled to get high profile talent to stick around on Vine as many viners have headed to grounds where there are larger audiences such as YouTube and Facebook. They don’t want to run into the same problems where high profile Periscopers start leaving for Facebook Live which could also potentially offer a larger audience.

It will be interesting to see how Twitter now choses to develop video content, at the moment it is still unclear where exactly they may be heading. Should Google take Twitter over there could be an amalgamation of YouTube and Twitter which could potentially create a very compelling video product. At the moment it is just speculation so we will have to wait and see how things progress.