Over The Past Few Weeks I Have Felt The Community Love On Instagram Growing Stronger

By @TheMarkDalton on Insta!

Facebook you can find hate and resentment if you want to find it, just dive into a topic about politics and you are there in the thick of it. YouTube is a mess with people posting hate not only towards creators but others in the comments and Twitter is well…yep lets not go down the path of where Twitter is at.

However Instagram seems to be getting something right. I don’t know how it has happened or why it has happened but Instagram seems to be pretty much void of anger, bitterness and hate for the most part.

The Instagram community is full of encouragement and love. Whether it is just the nature of the platform or the nature of the content that goes there, I am yet to come across the hate I have encountered on other platforms.


Is it the content?


It could well be just the nature of the content that is going on Instagram. Look at the kinds of accounts that are rising in prominence on the platform. Body positive accounts, motivational quote accounts, inspirational accounts.

People are going to Instagram to be motivated and inspired, now that could raise the whole topic of why would you need Instagram to get motivated but that is possibly for another day.

However the content is being created to encourage and to get people thinking, talking and interacting. Combine that with how liking content is put to the front of the feed and it is a recipe for creating a good feeling around the community.

Instagram has also recently added liking comments to the mix and I have found that is increasing engagement and is helping to get people talking to each other, something which I never had much of an interest on Instagram before.


Stories helping to connect on a personal level


Regardless of how you feel about Instagram stealing stories from Snapchat, 150 million users in just a few months? They have got it right. Stories are helping people to connect on a more personal level without clogging the main feed.

Instagram also clearly recognises how brands are important to growth and elements of stories have been designed with that in mind – something which Snapchat has neglected up to this point.

Stories have added a new dimension to the platform and I think it is safe to say that the number of people using them in 2017 is going to continue to skyrocket. Eventually many of you people I see lurking on my Instagram stories are going to cave and start creating content on them too.


Instagram are doing their part


Instagram are also playing their role. While I haven’t personally encountered any kind of abuse or harassment on my content or anyone else’s content it doesn’t mean that it is not there. Instagram just seems to be doing a better job than their competition at curtailing it.

Instagram has added the ability to turn off comments as well as filter comments by keyword. As with any other network you have the standard block tools to shut people off and these can be deployed not just from the main feed but you can also stop people joining in on your live streams or seeing your stories.

Private accounts can now remove people who they approved to follow them without having to use block and the support options in the app prompt you to talk to a friend, contact a helpline or get tips and support.

Also, if you are concerned someone may be harming themselves you can report it anonymously to Instagram and they will reach out to that user.

Combine all this with the ability to like comments, like content and the increased interaction through Instagram DM’s via stories and the platform has become a place for showing support and increased positivity.

Want to feel those good vibes? Join up or sign back in today. For me, it has been the happiest social network to be on over the past number of months and I don’t see that changing any time soon.