A New Venture Begins…

At the start of 2017 I mentioned it was going to be a big year, this decision has taken longer than expected, I wanted to do this earlier in the year but it was important to make sure I felt this was the right move to make and that this is what I wanted. 

At the start of the year I started taking my photography seriously again after taking some time off from it. Taking time away helped me realise just how much I enjoy photography. Now the time is right to go all in on what I am really passionate about.

Working social media and marketing for the past few years has been fun, though I will openly admit that for me it somewhat killed off the fun element of social media in general however working it from a business perspective has been a different kind of fun in itself.

I worked with the ITN team on social media, marketing and business related content which was a wonderful experience and I also worked with several clients on social for their business over the past number of years. I’m grateful for the opportunity they gave me, what I have realised over the past 8 months however is that I want to zone in on something different at the time feels right.

From today I no longer provide social media consultations for businesses. I also no longer provide social media sitter services for accounts (always hated doing this anyway).

I never went in full time on this despite all the hours put in, it was an extra bit of income on the side but I have learnt over the years that I don’t want to be a businessman as such, I don’t want to run an agency, I don’t want to run social media for businesses. Honestly since the start of the year it has been boring me, I haven’t felt the passion and it has been a complete chore.

My heart is in the creative and that is where I want to spend my time now. At the age of 30 the time is never better. I have been working on my photography for 10 years now, I don’t like to blow my own horn around my work but people keep jibbering on about how talented they think I am. However with 10 years behind me now where I have worked on my skills, I know I am coming into my prime and that is the perfect time to go in hard.

When I was younger I tried to turn my photography into a business but it felt all wrong, I felt completely out of my depth, I was out of my depth. I was too young and with so much learning to do I feel personally photographers mature best at the end of their twenties into earlier thirties with years behind them. This feels all right, this feels perfect and feels like what I should be doing.

I honestly pay little attention to people telling me I am talented but I get it a lot now, I’m always looking at elevating my game and reaching the next level. In photography I’m always learning, always experimenting and always finding new ways to get creative. A student of the game working on a pro level.

The blog will remain, there will be a post once a week and the website will remain though the social media services have been removed from the main page. I am still available for guest blogging and paid blogging opportunities and details are on the homepage of this site.

This is a decision I have been working toward for a few months now, I wanted it to happen earlier in the year (like four months earlier) but like I said at the start it needs to feel right, not like a phase I’m going through but a decision I know to be right. It feels like I’m saying goodbye even though I’m going nowhere, I’m just ending one venture and starting another.

For the first few months bookings will be limited, a completely new venture, a new approach and I will be working to build up the content and expand the portfolio with several new series before building up the business model in the new year.

Follow me on social media as ever to keep in touch, there will be a blog post here once a week (maybe not every week but most weeks!) and there will be lots of content going on over on my photography website – markdaltonphotography.com

Talk soon,