Mark Dalton Media Now On Instagram

We are always looking for the best ways to deliver content to as many people as possible in the best way possible. A platform that publishers and content creators can no longer overlook is Instagram. I decided to hold off on Instagram until the business profiles were made available and I did not want to publish blog content to my personal Instagram page as I have a desire to use that for different content.

Today, business profiles have started arriving to Instagram users in Ireland and as a result there is no need for us to hold off any longer so starting right now Mark Dalton Media is now on Instagram. You can follow us by visiting the link below.

And as you can see our first post has just gone up.

We will be uploading to Instagram first thing every morning when a blog post goes live. The clickable link to the blog post in question for that day will be available in our Instagram bio. For the first two weeks content on Instagram will be in the form of blog posts on the main feed only.

After two weeks we will start updating Instagram stories and it will be a similar experience to that of what users who follow me on Snapchat get. Instagram stories will basically be me having a little chat with you guys about the content which has been going up on the website, beefing it out with some more information and news.

So check us out over on Instagram, we hope to see you there!