Mark Dalton Media 2.0

By @TheMarkDalton

Here we are, five days earlier than anticipated and we have the launch of Mark Dalton Media 2.0. When I launched Mark Dalton Media earlier in the year I elected to go for a layout which maximised information and content.

The feedback was great, the website looked pretty slick and had a wealth of information. Then I noticed a problem creeping up ever so slowly. While there was a lot of content to explore, it seemed there was simply too much to explore and as a result people started getting lost.

I investigated with a select group of users and the feedback was that while the site looked good there was an overwhelming amount of information dispersed across a large surface area of the website. What happens when people start getting lost on a website? They leave and go somewhere else.

The plan for this year was to launch the content part of the website and work with a very very small client base while I was doing that. Over the past few months the content has hit all the right notes, there has been great feedback and it just seems to be getting better and better.

The second phase was to open up the client service aspect of Mark Dalton Media, however with the data showing that the old design was causing more harm than good I knew that a change had to be made. So I started an extensive research process and compared a huge number of layouts side by side.

I then started the process of eliminating different layouts and the final result is what you see this morning. There is a new, simple and clean logo in the top left of the homepage. A beautiful slider showcasing stunning images and all the information you now need to get to is self contained on a much smaller footprint.

The only time you leave the homepage now is when you dive into the blog or click on one of the projects I have worked on. There is a new payment tier displayed on the website which brings much needed clarity to what we offer and what exactly you pay for on different packages.

Everything has been simplified, the vast amount of content that appeared on the previous website has been removed and the reasons are two fold.

  1. The hits on those pages with that content were low anyway compared to the likes of the main homepage or the blog
  2. Also, it is simply not necessary to have all that content anymore. People have a good idea now of who I am and what I am about. There is plenty of that content available (for free!) in the blog

You now have a pricing plan??

I have always had a pricing plan structure but I have never publicly advertised or displayed it on the previous website. I thought I was better without one present because a part of me felt it would deter people. However I was completely wrong and soon I started running into a problem in that people thought they were in the negotiation business.

This is client services, you tell us what you need and we quote the price that will cost. Some business owners were making the mistake of thinking we would be open to negotiate those costs! Nope, the price is the price for a reason. People need to eat, we need to put bread on the table too.

The pricing plan has always been there but now it has been more defined in black and white, the social package has always existed but now it is the silver social package. It has been renamed to ‘silver social package’ to accommodate a new package on offer which is the ‘gold social package.’

The wordpress package was an offering which we had on the old website which we stopped for some period of time, however it now makes a return in Mark Dalton Media 2.0 and I am going to talk about that in a bit more detail in the next section.

The return of the wordpress package!

The wordpress package was dropped because I am not a web designer or web developer. That is outside my skill set and I make no bones about making that fact absolutely 100% clear to people when they enquire about it. However, people kept asking me about getting a simple wordpress website online for them with basic information, social links, details on their business and something which looks professional and clean and has simple contact functionality.

That is something I can do, so the wordpress package is making a come back with some changes. We don’t do e-commerce sites or complex sites requiring a booking system or a product ordering system. If you have a complex website idea or a website which requires e-commerce structuring then you need to go and get a web developer to do it for you and you need to be prepared to pay for it. I would personally recommend checking out Infuse, link is below.

If you need a basic website, such as a financial firm or a legal firm or any business looking for something simply and who wants to spruce up their website with basic info and have it looking pristine or if you want an epic looking blog for your business – that is something we can do.

It is a quick 2-3 day turnaround, open source logos if you wish to have them and a premium theme of value up to $50 and a logo up to the value of €50 is included in the price of the package which is a one time payment.

Problems which we are aware of

There are always little creases to be ironed out when you re-launch with a new design. If you see anything out of the ordinary that I may have missed then please do let me know. There are two outstanding issues we are aware of at the moment.

  1. We are aware of a problem on mobile devices where the Get Started button on the main slider is offset from the central position. We attempted to rectify this however at the moment there is no clear cut solution so a decision has been made to remove the button from mobile devices and it will only appear when browsing from a desktop.
  2. The URL to access the blog has been changed. It is now – which is not as clean as a simple – We are looking into this at the moment, it appears to be a theming issue but felt that something so small should not hold back the re-launch and we hope to have it fixed as soon as possible.

If you see anything else then please do let us know and we can have a look.

Same great content, new service, new look

The content will not change, there will be epic blog content going out during the week, every week for free. That won’t stop, I am determined to bring you as much value as I can, add me on Snapchat if you want even more! (themarkdalton).

The content remains the same and will get even better. However now there is new client services on offer and an awesome new look.

The next step of the journey begins, great to have you along 🙂