Mark Dalton Media 2.0 To Launch 19/08/2016

By @TheMarkDalton

I launched Mark Dalton Media back in March this year. Many people know the story by now but in short for those who may not know here it is in brief. I ran a website called 60 Second Social for two years which was very much a social media news based website. I closed it at the end of last year and took a step back thinking I was done with having my own website and thinking that I just didn’t have time to run my own website efficiently. Oh how wrong I was! 

What taking a step back allowed me to do was figure out how I needed to operate in order to be more time efficient and allowed me to re-evaluate the type of content I was producing. In March I decided to launch a new website – Mark Dalton Media, built around a personal brand and focused on providing content with value. The site was launched with a focus on the content, there were plenty of other features there such as consultations and details of the service I provide to businesses and customers. However, the primary goal was nailing the content and what the data has shown me over the past number of months is that I have got the right mix at the moment.

When Mark Dalton Media was launched the plan was keep the layout for approx 6 months and then launch version 2.0 of the website which I consider to be the full round package of what I want the website to be. A combination of what I can do for businesses in social media, the ability to book a consultation and keeping the blog content beautifully present as front and centre to everything I want to offer people who run businesses or want to build their personal brand.

So, keeping in line with those plans, version 2.o of Mark Dalton Media is to be launched later this month. The provisional launch date is 19/08/2016 and will incorporate a complete redesign which showcases the entire package on offer, what I do, how I can do it and of course keeps content looking fantastic via the blog.

It is something I am very excited about, the design templates have been selected and the job at hand now is to incorporate them onto the current website which is of course where the hard work comes in. In order to accommodate such a large scale and radical change it is necessary to take the website offline for a considerable period of time (11 days!).

Mark Dalton Media will go offline from 08/08/2016 and the planned relaunch is as mentioned in the title – 19/08/2016.

Current client work during this period of downtime will not be interrupted. Potential new clients will be able to get in touch directly – and you will be able to catch new content from me over on Irish Tech News during the time period of the re-development of the website.

That’s all for the moment, we will be saying goodbye on the 8th and hopefully hello again on the 19th!