macOS Sierra – Let’s Keep This Short And Sweet!

By @TheMarkDalton

OS X is no more, the operating system which runs on iMacs and MacBooks has been renamed to macOS and after more than 15 years and 13 major updates – the Mac has now matured.

There are plenty of big reviews out there going into detail on macOS Sierra and what it can do. I’m going to keep mine short and to the point, while macOS Sierra means a well rounded and mature OS – not a huge amount has changed.

iOS 10 and watchOS 3 were big updates which brought lots of improvements and changes. macOS is not a major change if you have already been running El Capitan.


Siri is now on the Mac, I have never been a fan of using Siri on my iPhone but I have to say that on the Mac? Well things seem to be different and I am finding uses for Siri. Opening apps or carrying out menial tasks while I am still working away has been really handy.

My favourite thing to do right now is when I am finishing off a blog post and I ask Siri to look up a photo on the web and simply drag it from the Siri results over to the WordPress uploader and it is good to go.

Third party apps cannot yet take advantage of Siri on macOS like they can on iOS 10. I know many reviewers have noted that they like using Siri on their iPhone but not so much on the big screen, for me it seems to be the opposite!


The photos app is getting all the new features which iOS 10 is getting such as automatic albums and a powerful search feature. The automatic slideshows are also on macOS so you can show off to your friends even though you have no idea how to create a slideshow let alone add text to it!


Just like in iOS 10 you can preview links, send a tapback and view stickers. Interestingly that is it really, many of the iOS 10 features of iMessage didn’t make it to the Mac which means if you alternate between iPhone and Mac for iMessage use you could find the experience being slightly fragmented.

Other updates

Other minor improvements include picture in picture, Apple pay on the web, storage optimisation to free up space on your hard drive, collaboration in iWork and lots more. You can also use a really cool unlock feature if you wear an Apple watch. Instead of typing a password, your Mac will identify with your watch and unlock automatically. Pretty neat!


macOS Sierra is a refinement, it is the polish to what has been built into a solid OS. There is no need to thrust hundreds of new features onto users and force them to go up the learning curve again at the moment. Apple has reached a stage where it is about solidifying what they have for now.

Sierra is efficient and mature. It is a free download and one which you should grab from the App Store today.