LinkedIn Unveils New Website Design

By @TheMarkDalton

LinkedIn is about to look very different as they are preparing to launch a redesigned version of their website which will also add messenger bots and a simplified feed.

LinkedIn wants to bring their desktop experience in line with their app and they have states that the current version of LinkedIn’s website “feels very disjointed” compared to the app experience which was updated not too long ago.

The idea is that the new design will bring a level of familiarity and uniformity across the two platforms so no matter which one you are on, they will not have such an obvious disjointed level present.


LinkedIn wants to adopt a cleaner look which surfaces relevant information and is easier to move around and navigate with better search. I have told people before that my reason for not using LinkedIn so much is two fold, it feels stale and boring but even more important than that – it looks like shit.

The new design will also launch with messenger bots which is an interesting move considering that Facebook recently admitted that they over hyped bots at their F8 conference this year. LinkedIn bots will be focused around scheduling which makes sense given the platform.

Things such as checking appointments and setting up meetings via a bot will be what LinkedIn will focus on. I’m not sure if it is going to be more convenient than looking at your calendar app which will be open on the screen in front of you anyway, but time will tell.

Over time LinkedIn plans to evolve and grow bots, so we may not see quite the same rush as we have seen at Facebook where tens of thousands of developers are working on their own bots right now.


Messaging is a big deal these days and LinkedIn is also looking at making their messaging smarter so that when you open a message LinkedIn may be able to do things like suggest contacts based on the things you have been viewing and liking on the LinkedIn platform.

There is no indication when the update will be rolled out however we believe it will be before the end of the current year.