Introducing A New Website – In The Red Zone

By @TheMarkDalton

Good morning! Start of another week and for this week that means the start of something new. Today we are proud to officially announce the launch of a new website, one I have been excited to launch for some time now – In The Red Zone. So let me explain how this came about and what this means for the Mark Dalton Media blog.


What is this about and how did it start?

So In The Red Zone is a site which is dedicated to NFL news, fantasy football tips, opinion pieces, draft class updates and updates around the NFL Combine. There is also going to be a focus on the European influences on the game now over time. This was something I wanted to start around two years ago, before I even started Mark Dalton Media I knew I wanted to run a website like this.

However I still consider myself a very fresh face to American Football because I am a fresh face to the sport and I have only been watching for around eight years now. When I started watching eight years ago I quickly fell in love with the game and wished I had given it a chance sooner, it became a passion. I started with watching the Pats games (yes Patriots are my team and I started following them before I knew shit all about the NFL, Irish affinity in Boston and I know a few people from there so I was drawn to the Pats) and then I expanded to watching any game that I could get my eyes on.

Around two years ago, really when I was only just hitting a flow and getting into a stride with posting regularly, I decided I wanted to launch an American Football website, so why did it take two years to get from the idea to launch? It took so long because I knew that if I was going to do this then I had to get serious about the sport and start digging into things that I only looked at with a passing interest before.

I had to start researching draft classes and watching college football, I had to get up to speed with fantasy football and start working on my fantasy football instead of just doing a draft and then ignoring the team for the rest of the season. I had to start looking at the Combine footage and take more than a passing interest in drafts. A steep learning curve going from casual viewer to someone who wanted to create a site around the topic.

I also knew that taking two years to do that would put me in a good spot to launch a website like this out of Ireland. The sport has been growing over this side of the pond very fast in the last two years and now I am in a good spot at a good time to get going. Of course In The Red Zone is a website which will be updated much more often than this blog and will take much more work to keep up to date, so what happens to the Mark Dalton Media blog?


What happens to this blog?

Okay so since we launched just under a year ago, we have had a blog post every weekday. The intention was never to keep that level of posting going, it is not sustainable for the type of quality content I want to put out. It is also just not necessary, I decided to do it for around a year (we are a year old in March) and then to scale back which is what is going to happen now.

The idea was to bulk up the site on a library of content over the course of a year and then draw back on the posting schedule. To really beef things up I moved to two posts per day for some time but found it was compromising the quality of the posts and so decided it was simply not worth it. This has always been the plan from day 1. You look at high profile marketers and content creators who are creating micro content each day but long form content is rarely a daily thing.

The micro content will remain daily of course but long form content will move down to 2-3 posts per week on the blog. Ideally I would like to get 3 posts in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A lot of that depends on how much time In The Red Zone consumes from the working day but at the very minimum there will be 2 per week. I’m extremely happy with this, it feels like a weight of pressure that I was putting on myself for the past year has been lifted.


I know some of you don’t like…sports…

Because of the nature of the content I have been putting out over the past year, I have attracted a lot of business accounts and marketing accounts on Twitter. I know some of you don’t like sports, I don’t care. I have never ever wanted to be one dimensional on Twitter or any social platform for that matter. I have never wanted to just tweet about marketing and social media. I want to share the things I am passionate about and that is why my Twitter is full of talk about Manchester United, Patriots, American Football, Photography and whatever random shite I decided to have for breakfast that morning.

Oh and by the way, being one dimensional on Twitter is not a dig at people, if that is how you roll and you only tweet about tech news or social media or marketing then do your thing. Focusing on a niche can really get you into a good networking circle but for me, I like variety. If I used Twitter just to talk about one topic like marketing and nothing else then I would personally get bored real quick.

Bottom line – I have no interest in judging how people use Twitter and you shouldn’t either. 

Anyway the point of this somewhat snarky ramble is that there will obviously be some more sports related tweets coming from my account. Now, I have considered this and don’t worry it won’t be anything crazy. I’m talking a couple of tweets per day, most people probably won’t even notice. Much of the heavy tweeting will take place on – @InTheRedZoneNFL (drop a like if you feel inclined to do so!).


A big thank you!

Thank you to the people who have shown support so far to this project. I have been giving sneak peeks on Instagram and Snapchat over the past number of days as it has taken shape and last night I put it live at 6pm but only really told people on Snapchat and Instagram. The feedback from people has been awesome and I am talking both people who know the sport well and have been following it longer than I have as well as people who have no clue about the sport but were so kind to check it out regardless and drop me a message.

Thank you so much, much love and I am really excited to open up this chapter and get it going.