Introducing The Blogging Package On Mark Dalton Media

Something I have been asked about a few times over the past couple of months is how much it would cost for us to create blog content for their clients. So we have decided to introduce a new pricing payment into the packages we have listed on the homepage of the website – The Blogging Package. 

This package is designed for people who have clients themselves and want our assistance by asking us to create some blog content for their clients business. The package will give you a blog post of high quality content that provides value and which is of 500-600 words in length at a cost of €50 per piece. Please note this is for great valuable content in basic form. Want something complex packed with visuals, infographics, videos and interview excerpts? You wont get that from anyone for €50!

This package is not for content posted to our blog on Mark Dalton Media, this is blog content that you can post to your own website. You do not have to inform your readers that the blog post has been created by Mark Dalton Media, it will be 100% your own content to use and re-share as you wish.

We do not currently advertise content to be sent to Mark Dalton Media for submission to the blog, however if there is something that you feel may be useful and valuable to our readers you are more than welcome to submit it for review either via the contact form on the homepage or direct to

Please note, this blogging package for freelance content is limited to our niche areas of expertise and as such we will only create content for blogs in the areas of:

  • Technology content
  • Business & Branding content
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media content

So if you have a business blog and want us to create a specific blog topic for your audience which is within one of these areas above then please feel free to get in touch to discuss details.

Please do not contact us regarding content for clients outside of these areas such as banking, insurance, law, taxes, accountancy ect. These are some of the requests I have received over the past 2-3 months and I simply can’t help you as I know very little about these areas in a business capacity and so I will refuse to create blog content for them.

I would not write a piece of content around mortgages and income taxes on my own blog so I won’t do it for yours. In this scenario you need to find a blogger or content creator who specialises in this area and will be willing and able to write a good piece of content for you.


A note about guest blogging.

Please note, this package described above does not apply for guest blogging. If you want me to be a guest blogger for your website or blog, there is no charge for this and please feel free to reach out to me over any guest blogger proposals you may have. Guest blogging is something that I am very much in to when collaborating with fellow creators, influencers and entrepreneurs for their blog.

All I ask when guest blogging is that that your website provides a link in the post back to me and that the credits are left intact on the post when you publish it to your website.

This package listed above is different and is very much tailored towards people who are looking for content to be created for their clients or businesses looking for content to help grow their brand or online presence.

As we have had a number of requests about this in the past two months or so, hopefully introducing this package will clear the air for you.


Thanks as always 🙂