Instagram’s Tops Posts In 2016 Were Dominated By One Person

By @TheMarkDalton

There can be only one person given the true title of Instagram queen in 2016 – Selena Gomez. The singer dominated the platform despite taking a 14 week break from social media at one point and was able to rack up the top most five liked posts over the course of 2016 on the platform.

In social media where numbers rule pretty much everything, her most liked post came in at 5.9 million likes and was in fact an ad for Coca-Cola. Notice the product placement of the bottle of coke and the red colours splashed all over the place. I’m sure Coca-Cola will be happy on that kind of return when leveraging celebrities to promote their product and brand!

She has over 103 million followers which eclipses other users on the platform and is the most popular account to follow on the platform.

All that is left to do is to show you what those top five Instagram posts were and here they are.



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74 🙏🏽❤️

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One of my favorite nights on tour

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