Instagram Stories Is Now More Popular Than Snapchat

By @TheMarkDalton

Say what you like about Instagram and their blatant rip off from Snapchat. Continue to blast them on Twitter for being copycats if you will, however the simple facts can’t be ignored. You might want to stay a Snapchat purist and never want to jump ship but the reality is that Instagram is winning where it matters.

Instagram stories were implemented as Facebook was determined to stick it to Snapchat. Zuckerberg failed to buy Snapchat from Evan Spiegel years ago and since then they have had several attempts to spin off their own version of the platform.

A number of efforts failed but they finally got there through Instagram. While stories is now in the main Facebook app and is about as stagnant as ever, Instagram stories has been booming with growth. In fact, Instagram stories has grown so fast that it is now more popular than the app it was was designed to kill.

The singular stories feature of Instagram now has 200 million daily users, and that is just the stories feature – it does not take into account the main Instagram feed. Snapchat has 160 million daily users. That means that Instagram stories alone is now more popular than all of Snapchat.

Snapchat may have popularised stories as a concept but Instagram is now reaping the rewards of their efforts. It is a perfect example of how you don’t always need to get there first to win when it comes to developing a product. Instagram got to the party late but boy have they hit the sweet spot and got it right.

They have achieved and surpassed what took Snapchat years to do in just a few months. 200 million daily users also means that the platform has a healthy percentage of daily users on that section of the app when you take into account that there are 600 million daily users on the entire Instagram platform. It is important to note that Instagram is not killing Snapchat, there was always a chance of Instagram passing Snapchat at some point but what has been really impressive is how fast Instagram were able to do it.

They are two different platforms, Instagram already had a user base established and stories were bolted on to the existing platform, Snapchat built stories from the ground up and is the central component of the app. Instagram is not killing Snapchat, they are just taking a large piece of pie at the moment.

Instagram also has a few new features they rolled out last week which are copied from Snapchat again. They have a new selfie sticker option where you can turn a photo of yourself into a sticker and pin onto a snap. Basically it is Snapchat’s version of scissors. They also now have the ability to pin text and emoji as well as stickers.

Geo-stickers are also rolling out in new cities which are hand drawn by Instagram users and are Instagram’s take on geo-filters. What have we really learned about all this? Users don’t care for originality, they care about where their friends and family are interacting and how they are interacting. Instagram’s large established user base when they launched stories always meant they would take a piece of the pie but the really question was how big would the piece be? Seems like it is pretty big and getting bigger.

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