Instagram Seen Testing Live Video

By @TheMarkDalton

Facebook has embraced it, Periscope is trying to advance it and now it appears that Instagram is also ready to throw their name into the ring. What is it we are talking about? Live streaming. Live content has become incredibly popular over the past year in social media.

There has been live video sensations such as Chewbacca mom (Google it if you have no idea what I am talking about) and also harrowing moments following shootings captured on live video. Going live anywhere in the world is an incredibly powerful thing, being able to show a glimpse of where you are and what you are doing at that moment and interact with other users is a big leap forward in content delivery.

A news report on a Russian site has shown live functionality embedded into Instagram stories with a bold “live” banner on what is apparently a live video at the front of the stories feed. The report from T Journal also shows a giant red button reading “Go Insta!”


Instagram have not commented on the leak but there have been reports of Instagram bringing live video to users for a year now and it seems that it may be about to happen. Facebook owns Instagram and Facebook also believes that fully immersive live experiences are the future so for Instagram this is the next logical step following the introduction of stories.

The introduction of stories also gives Instagram a place for them to put live video. The report from T Journal says that the user stumbled across the live features while running a beta version of Instagram. I have never been a big fan of Periscope and Facebook Live is something I could see myself using at some point in the future but Instagram Live? I would definitely be in to that.


There is no indication on how complete the live features are or how much more work needs to be done before a public release but hopefully it will arrive to consumers at some point in the near future.