I’m Over LinkedIn And It Feels Great

By @TheMarkDalton

I’m done with sharing content on LinkedIn, for the past number of months I have been consistently sharing two posts each weekday on LinkedIn but from Monday I am not sharing anything there anymore. In fact I am also deleting the app from my phone and while my profile will remain, it will be untouched…but why?

Because I am sick of it, I am sick of the network, I am sick of the connections with salesmen and marketers who just want to spam people with bulk messages on the platform, I’m sick of the self appointed experts trying to sell their business inspiration and providing zero value.

I gave LinkedIn a chance, I have shared there consistently and logged in each week to catch up. At one point I tried creating native content on the platform to see what the engagement was like but the reality is that LinkedIn is so crammed with so called self appointed experts now, people just want to sell you their inspiration on there.

In 2011 LinkedIn launched social content link sharing and in 2012 they launched the Influencer Program which allowed selected “thought leaders” to share content on the site. Now anyone can publish on the platform, you don’t have to be a thought leader anymore and it has become a black hole of unending drivel as recruiters, marketers, salespeople and bloggers all scramble to shout louder than the rest.

No personality

There is something about writing on LinkedIn which when I think about it makes sense but also completely lacks personality and authenticity. Everything on LinkedIn really is a C.V. or a business card and you don’t want to look bad to a prospective employer. God forbid you got something wrong in the course of your life and turned out to be a human being. The majority of writers on LinkedIn don’t feel real, nobody appears to be authentic because they are afraid of looking bad if a potential employer or business partner happens to be looking.

Real writers talk about real things, look at the blog here. How many times have I faced up and told you the truth about the mistakes I have made. I write about real shit, I’m not afraid of scaring off potential clients or business partners because if they look at my content online and don’t want to work with me on the back of it then I sure as hell don’t want to work with them. How many times have I held my hands up and told you when I got it wrong, case in point is my stance on Snapchat.

Real writers talk about their failings as well as the success, they talk about the embarrassment, fear and business in the real world. Many LinkedIn writers want to spew their bullshit and can never get it wrong.

Packed with motivational crap

This may come as a shock but I don’t need inspiration or motivation from social platforms online. In fact I have another whole opinion on this which is probably served best to a different post on a different day but the bottom line is that I feel if you need inspirational bullshit on LinkedIn or you need motivational quotes on Instagram then you have a bigger problem.

However, there is a massive influx at the moment of these business coaches and gurus trying to sell advice and inspire people to grow their business. Incredibly these gurus haven’t actually built a business themselves yet, be it their own business or another persons business.

Get in the trenches first, I started talking pretty early in my marketing career but only to a small number of people and what I learnt at the time is that I wasn’t ready to talk and had a lot to learn (I still do have a lot to learn and learn every day). I got in the trenches, keep pretty mute and worked with 2-3 clients, then I started getting louder.

The LinkedIn app is horrific

Moving away from writing for just a moment I want to give a special little shout out to just how bad the LinkedIn app is. It does this weird thing where I have to jump through about 10 splash screens every time I open it asking if I want to follow these businesses, do I know these people ect. Getting inside the app is no better either when you eventually do get there, especially when you hit the inbox.

It all comes down to value

I often talk about value, providing value to you and as a content creator providing value to people who are in your network. LinkedIn provides so little value it has turned me off sharing content there anymore. No doubt this will upset the LinkedIn fanatics in the house who will disagree but I really don’t care because I value people who follow me too much on social to not give the complete honesty and value a real writer will give and that seems to be devoid on LinkedIn these days.

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