Facebook Starts Rolling Out Auto Subtitle Function

By @TheMarkDalton on Insta!

Attention creators! Facebook has quietly started to roll out auto-subtitling function for videos to Pages in the United States. The feature will automatically provide captions for English clips through an automated process.

It is an important move as captions on videos are starting to become common place on Facebook. Videos in the feed play automatically but with no sound unless you interact with them to enable sound.

As a result, many people have watched clips on Facebook with no sound present and captions have become a big win for marketers and influencers looking to stand out as it allows people to follow the video without having to enable the sound.

Over time the AI subtitling system could grow and develop as more people use it. Facebook is predicting that by 2021 video will generate 70% of traffic. They are also testing autoplay videos which run with the sound off by default though it is unclear if this will be a changed rolled out across the board – lets hope it is not the case.

Up to now, advertisers, brands and influencers or indeed anyone uploading video content has had to create clips with hard-coded subtitles. The problem with this being that not everyone knows how to do that, or you have to go and learn how to do it and with how precious our time is these days it puts people off.

Auto subtitles will make the whole process easier for everyone involved. The video editor in Facebook will automatically create subtitles if you select that option and the captions are broken into short segments of the video so that corrections can be made should there be errors present.

This is also a feature which will have massive appeal to smaller businesses and brands who may have finite resources at present but still want to get in the game.

As pointed out at the start of this post, the feature is US only at the moment and there is no indication as to when it may be rolled out to a wider audience in the future, lets hope we are not waiting too long!