Facebook Is Ready To Shake Up Digital Video

By @TheMarkDalton on Insta!

YouTubers are not happy right now, there has been a bunch of complaints from some of the top creators on the platform that there is something wrong with YouTube.

Complaints around the number of views on video network are down with the suspicion being that Google has altered the algorithm in a way that doesn’t show creators a whole lot of love. There are also numerous complaints that users are being unsubscribed from channels randomly and by no doing of their own.

This is actually something I have experienced myself, realising I have not seen a video from one of my favourite creators for some time and then going over to their channel to find I have been randomly unsubscribed. YouTube says that nothing is wrong, they claim to have looked into the complaints and found that there was no decrease in subscriber numbers.

YouTube has become a career for many, especially those who have found success through vlogging. YouTube rewards creators by splitting ad revenue on videos with them and has been the leading platform for video content.

With video becoming more mainstream, it is clear that the landscape is changing and people have to adapt. Many people are failing to make that shift, I speak to so many bloggers struggling to bulk up and use any kind of video content. They tell me that “it is too hard” and “they don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera.”

You are creating a major vulnerability for yourself, it is not easy and nobody feels comfortable in front of a camera. You think I wanted to do it at the start of last year? I was very happy not getting into the world of Snapchat and Instagram stories, I was very happy not having to point a camera at myself and talk.

However I can see how real the video shift is and I know I need to be there in some capacity so as hard as it was I did it and now I am enjoying it, now I have adapted and got used to doing it.

YouTube is still number 1 for videos at the moment with more than 1 billion users monthly. Facebook is now gearing up to get in on the action as well, they claim to have 8 billion daily video views but I would take those metrics with a grain of salt. Views are counted on Facebook for as little as 3 seconds and as they autoplay in feeds it is easy to rack up good viewer numbers.

With Facebook making a big push in live video and in video views, one area they have not stepped into so far is monetisation and sharing that revenue with creators. Now they want to fix that and at the moment Facebook is testing ways to insert ad breaks in live videos and videos posted on the news feed.

Facebook is expected to go with a 55/45 split where 55% of ad revenue will go to the creator and 45% will go to Facebook. This is the exact same offering as YouTube.

It won’t be easy for Facebook, users naturally push back against ads and YouTube has worked hard at providing a range of different ads on videos so that the creator can decide what is best for them and building their audience.

There is a big opportunity though for Facebook to crack it too and it is about time they started rewarding creators on the network.