Why I Dumped Facebook For Personal Use

By @TheMarkDalton

When it comes to Facebook I am now strictly business only. Facebook is great for content and promotion because so many people are on the platform and the targeting ad model is one of the best and most underpriced ad models going right now. However for personal usage? I’m pretty much done and it feels great.

I noticed slowly over the past number of months that I was checking Facebook less and less. Then the Facebook app got deleted and replaced with a shortcut to the web app on my home screen, then I started telling people it would be better if they sent me messages on other platforms because it was easier to contact me.

Then the Facebook app got stuffed into a folder on the second page of my iPhone home screen and now I only check my personal feed 3-4 times a week if even that. First I want to start off by pointing out what I find Facebook good for, what I still use if for.

Why Facebook Is Currently Good For Me

Right now, it is all business for me when it comes to Facebook. I manage my pages, run ads for myself and clients, promote and develop a business presence. Even at that, the status updates I prepare and get ready to publish in Buffer so I only really go on to Facebook for when I need to create an ad campaign.

The other thing it is good for is the insights and analytics so I can see what is performing well and what is not performing well. When it comes to the personal feed away from all the business? I barely use it at all and if I do it is a quick little glance and then I head away.

Why I Dumped Facebook For Personal Use

Onto the more pressing issue that I want to dive deep in to, like I mention above I don’t really use Facebook personally at all. I just don’t care for it anymore and I have been telling people they are better off messaging me through other platforms because I don’t want to use Facebook Messenger anymore.

Nobody offended me as such, there was no one bad experience that put me off, I don’t care all that much about Facebook watching what I am doing like big brother in the way others may be. Instead I found that other platforms are simply excelling and I want to spend time there instead.

1) Silly status updates

I want you to understand, this is not directed at any one individual when I refer to something like this. It is not your fault and I blame nobody in particular for what I am about to say so please don’t sit there and think “oh I have done that, he must hate me on Facebook!”

Silly status updates is a nice way of putting it, these copy and paste status updates, or updates asking for likes and updates which waffle on about privacy and the Rome Statute…these are the spam email chains that none of us wanted when email usage started to rocket in the early days.

They have now changed and morphed into the same thing on social media status updates on Facebook and I absolutely hate them, great thing is they are not on any other social network yet.

2) Instagram is much better for sharing photos

Instagram rocks at photo sharing and the organic reach if you want it is there. Or you can choose to share to a more closed circle if you wish but quite simply put, photos look better, the regular user has greater access to basic editing tools to make them look better and as a platform it just does things better.

I have little to no interest in sharing photos on Facebook anymore because few of them get noticed, liked or praised as much as they do on Instagram. Why bother sharing my photos to Facebook when another platform does a much better job of it?

3) Facebook sucks too much time from my life

Even if I don’t like Facebook all that much anymore, it still sucks time from my life. The feed has been designed to hook you in and then you find it hard to let go because you start getting lost in the feed clicking from one thing to another.

With other platforms, such as Twitter, you can jump in and out just like that. You don’t get as lost in the feed as much as you would on Facebook and then suddenly realise an hour of your life has vanished.

If you network in with the right people on Twitter you get more back from it, people who are ready and willing to help other people. You don’t get that sense of community on Facebook. Instead you just get the sense of people out hunting for their likes and shares.

4) Less is more

There are so many platforms competing for our attention now, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Anchor, Music.ly and more. When you want to focus in on executing and developing a presence then less is more.

I keep an eye on what is happening on any social platform that pops up now, however I focus on a small number which at the moment is Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Life moves fast and I want to simplify my life and where my attention is. Limiting the number of things which compete for my attention means I can apply more attention to those things I care about. Facebook is no longer one of them.

Would I come back to Facebook in the future?

Never say never, I have not written Facebook off for personal use but I think they would need to do something radical and different to pull me back in. They are the largest social network in the world but that does not mean they are the best and there is always the risk of the house tumbling down.

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