Twitter’s Moments Feature Has Been Labelled A Failure By Advertisers

By @TheMarkDalton

I don’t like reporting on Twitter initiatives which don’t work out, I don’t like talking about Twitter failures or beating the Twitter problems drum. Sadly that is happening more and more these days because while Twitter is trying to figure out how to start getting momentum there is an ever increasing number of initiatives just wilting away.

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Improve Email Open Rates

By @TheMarkDalton

Email marketing is not dead. Anyone who tells you otherwise really doesn’t have a clue. However, email has changed because back in the early days of the Internet we would open and read every single email regardless of the content. That was great if you were an email marketer back then, however you now need to work harder than ever before to get good open rates and make sure you get the ROI you want.

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How To Write Engaging Content About “Boring” Topics

By @TheMarkDalton

If you have been following my articles this week you will know by now where we are going with brand development and sales on social media. You have to develop your brand, build a community, engage with other, be sociable and personable, basically put a whole load of work in to push out great content that brings value to the customer. 

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