Why You Shouldn’t Be A Blogger

By @TheMarkDalton

Over the past 10 years I have learnt a lot about blogging. I have opened and closed blogs, had blogs where I thought ‘this is the one!’ before shutting it down mere months or weeks later. This is a two part piece, today I am going to talk about why you shouldn’t be a blogger and tomorrow I will talk about why you should be a blogger. Something for everyone! 

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Building Brand Loyalty On Social Media

By @TheMarkDalton

Nobody said that social media was going to be easy, especially from the perspective of using it for business. Despite that, many businesses assume it is going to be easy but once you start using social media you will realise that consumers expect an open line of communication in the same way they have with family and friends, they expect speedy responses and most of all they expect honesty and transparency. 

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The Social Media “Free Lunch” Is Over

By @TheMarkDalton

If you run a business and you are dabbling in social media marketing tactics then this is one post you are going to want to pay special attention to. We are reaching a difficult point when it comes to social media marketing at the moment in relation to the cost. Because we can go and set up social media accounts for free and use the platforms for no cost, it means that many businesses – especially smaller ones – expect their social media marketing to be free exposure, right?

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