WhatsApp Sharing Data With Facebook – The Brand Perspective

By @TheMarkDalton

Quite possibly the hottest piece of tech news going at the moment could be the fact that WhatsApp is going to start sharing data with Facebook. It is news that has given rise to plenty of clickbait titles over the past week and has had users fearing the worst. So why is it happening and how can brands actually use it to their advantage?

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Why I Stopped Blogging About Social Media News Topics

By @TheMarkDalton

Earlier this year I decided to stop writing posts on both my own blog and on Irish Tech News about what was happening on a daily basis in social media. I made the choice at the time to stop writing the generic boring news clips about Twitter’s new feature or Facebooks rising stocks. My only goal is to provide value in the content I create, I want readers to potentially gain something from reading my posts whether that is tips on Snapchat, learning how Facebook live works or how Twitters diving stock can affect their business.

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My €0.02c Worth On Instagram Stories

By @TheMarkDalton

Yesterday Instagram unveiled its latest new feature – Instagram stories. Instagram stories live at the top of your newsfeed and allows you to pop into a stream of photos that expire after 24 hours. The photos and videos you post in stories won’t show up in your regular feed so you don’t have to fear spamming your followers by posting too much. 

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