Hi there! I’m Mark and I’am the former founder of 60 Second Social, a website which provided digital marketing and social media news as well as the former founder of Mark Dalton Media which was a digital and social media shop setup to help small businesses with their social media strategy and implementation.

A creative at heart and being driven by the passion to continue creating and documenting, I wanted to move away from trying to be an agency and return to freelance work creating on social media for personal brands and business clients.

Want to get to work on your social media and/or content? Need a blog for your company? Want to book me for a photo shoot? Hit me up on my email and lets make it happen:

Email: markdaltonphotography@gmail.com


Social media is a slang term for the current state of the internet. I don’t like the term “digital marketer” or “social media marketer” because I don’t think such a thing exists. I believe there are quite simply marketers who use social media as a tool for their marketing efforts.

Marketing has changed and continues to change with the use of social media over the past number of years and onwards into the future. Now businesses need to make a real effort to connect on a personal level as well as taking the time and the patience to build a following and to grow their brand on social media channels.

Many business owners I have spoken to over the past number of years struggle to understand the connection to greater sales online now comes through the effort and time taken into building brand and networking online. People buy from people.

Want to jump in online and start shoving your sales pitch in people’s faces? Go ahead, you won’t last long. In a few weeks you will be moaning that “it just doesn’t work and is a load of rubbish.” Believe me, it works and if you can’t figure out how to monetise it, that doesn’t mean the platforms wrong, that means you’re wrong.

The days of shoving advertising into peoples faces, the days of stealing customers time…is over…


Photography is my passion, I love creating stunning city and landscape shots. A passion that I developed at the age of 21 years old while in London when I bought my first bridge camera and then migrated to a DSLR shortly afterwards.

An aspiring photographer asked me once when you consider yourself a pro. Its a grey area and people have different opinions. For me, it has always been a case of waiting for the day when someone asked me for a shot I had taken to hang up in their home or place of work ect. That is when you go from being an aspiring amateur to a pro in my eyes.

Capturing city life through the lens and sharing on Instagram with the community is always a fantastic buzz.

You can see some of my sample work on my photography website:


You can follow along with my daily photography updates and stories over on. Hit me up, drop a follow and say ‘hey!’ :


**You can now also book me for photography work, full details available on the photography tab at the top of this website or alternatively on my Mark Dalton Photography website.**


Now I’m no English major and I’m sure to someone who teaches English my grammar is probably a mess, but I know how to get people’s attention and get them reading.

While I have diversified into visual content and more recently have started jumping into audio content, writing posts has been my bread and butter for a number of years.

While much of my written content has been through blogs, I don’t like to call myself a blogger – not anymore at least. I’m a writer be it a blog post, article, column, press release, book and anything else you can think of.

I have been setting up and writing blog posts for as long as I can remember through my teenage years and my twenties. You can read many of my posts over the past number of years on this site by hitting up the link to the blog:


I also contributed social media related content to the Irish Tech News website over a period of two years where I published a total of 550 posts in that time. Writing blog posts will work wonders for your SEO but many people struggle with figuring out where to start and how to gain traction. Want to make it happen with your blog? Send me an email and lets make it happen.


Social Media Freelancer

Want to get your social media creative, networking in the right circles and eventually generating leads? There are a lot of people out there looking for the easy number so they can stay home and tweet from your account. I know there needs to be a result down the line.

This is business, you need leads which the business can convert into sales because if it can’t generate some form of ROI for your business then its not worth the work is it? It won’t happen overnight but the pleasure of going with freelancers is you can commit to your social media plan but not have the burden of a long term contract hanging over you. As well as that, we can get working together on it right away.

At the moment the industry is swimming in a whole load of freelancers/marketers/communication and PR specialists who are doing a lot of talk but aren’t backing it up. It is more than just sitting at home and running an account by sending a few tweets or Insta posts, anyone can do that. This is a results driven business, lets make it happen today.

Once you get in touch we will sit down, talk about the biz, draw up a strategy plan tailored for your business, agree to terms of a contract and get to work. You will be in on what is happening, you will be kept up to date with reports on progress each week and critical/urgent messages and customer support issues through social media as they happen. You will be able to see the breakdown of what works, what doesn’t work, what needs to be followed up on and of course the effects of building your brand through social media.